the story of black pug pottery

Rebecca and Sally, retired Ohio educators and owners of Black Pug Pottery, have visited New Orleans many times and enjoy very much the cuisine, culture, swamps, and especially the architecture! When Rebecca’s long time pug companion Rudy passed away, she felt the need to honor his memory, and did so by blending her artistic talent and interest in the mausoleums of New Orleans. Rudy’s memorial caught the eye of friends and family, and with their support, prodding, suggestions, and encouragement…. a business was born

BUT….The artists couldn’t just stick with one type of pottery, and they began creating a fun line of high fired stoneware, Pet Lover Mugs & Stuff.

A Black Pug Pottery product is a unique, one of a kind, piece of ceramic art work!

  • All are individually crafted, and while similarities within a design category will be evident, the artist’s interpretation will produce distinctive differences.
  • Keep in mind that a Pet Tomb and Mugs & Stuff are ceramic stoneware that WILL BREAK if dropped!    


All Mugs, Steins, Cookware, Bowls and Plates are High Fired Pottery 

  • High Fired stoneware products are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • High fired pottery is able to withstand a wider range of temperatures, and therefore, with regards to a Pet Tomb, if the lid is secured with a waterproof sealant or glazed shut, the Tomb may be placed in a garden or other protected outside area. HOWEVER, a High Fired Tomb should NOT be left outside if you live in an area that experiences cold (freezing and thawing type) winter weather.